Wednesday, December 21, 2011

VIDEODROME 2012 - Call For Works

Call for Submissions: VIDEODROME 2012 April 01 / 2012
Call for Submissions:
VIDEODROME 2012 at The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
Deadline: April 1st 2012


Now accepting submissions of A/V works under 5 mins.

VIDEODROME is Toronto's foremost event for Visual Music and A/V culture since 2004. Visual Music is video and audio composition made from video edits, simultaneously video AND music where picture matches sound, cut for cut, beat for beat, rhythmic media work where sound and image are equally dominant. See examples here:

Based on the Cronenberg concept, VIDEODROME is an exercise in televisionary excess and sensory overload, video screening as party and vice-versa, in the words of dropFRAMEvideo: "bridging the gaps between the sofa, the club, and the gallery."

Works must be complete and received by April 1st by post at 193 Augusta, Toronto, ON, M5T 2L4
Or posted to a file-sharing service such as SENDSPACE.

Proposals for live performances or installations will also be considered.
VIDEODROME is administrated by Jubal Brown, dropFRAMEvideo, and Apocalypse Tomorrow.

Spring 2012, at The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto
More info on last years event here:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SPECTRAL - CTM Festival 2012


"// 30 January – 5 February 2012
// Various venues, Berlin

With an extensive program of concerts, discourses and an exhibition space, CTM.12 – Festival for Adventurous Music and Related Arts is appropriating the festival theme SPECTRAL to explore the current reemergence of all things ghostly and dark in experimental music, avant-pop, and art – and to speculate about its possible causes and inherent potentials.

The thirteenth edition of the Festival will be held from 30 January to 5 February 2012. As always, CTM runs parallel to and in cooperation with Berlin’s festival for art and digital culture, transmediale, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2012.

In addition to a comprehensive music program at HAU, Berghain, Passionskirche, Gretchen, Kater Holzig and Horst Krzbrg, a discourse series developed in collaboration with the philosopher, psycho-historian and author Andreas L. Hofbauer will address the festival’s theme by pursuing questions concerning art, theory, and music.

Ghosts Off the Shelf is an exhibit created by the curator, art critic, and architect Thibaut de Ruyter at the Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, and explores the artistic use of the exponentially growing capacities of technical archives and their “inherent ghosts”. The exhibit opens on 27 January as part of Vorspiel, a comprehensive partner program within which a number of independent Berlin art, music, and media spaces will present their activities.

transmediale and CTM will once again present exciting collaborative projects at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

The full music, discourse and exhibition program will be revealed soon, meanwhile have look on the program preview."


Friday, December 2, 2011

Jean Piché - OCÉANES

Jean Piché
OCÉANES, 2010/2011

Exploring parallels between image and music with particle generated image and granular synthesis generated sound - incredibly beautifully composed.

'A videomusic work by Jean Piché, 'exploring the aesthetic potential of particle based computer generated imagery. Analogous to granular sound processing, particle synthesis allows for the creation and control of complex materials using an large number of very small components. Sound and image coordination does not explicitely use synchresis as a discursive device but aims for an elevated relation based on metaphor and emotional detachment, as if contemplating a field of images from a distant perspective.'

view on vimeo

OCÉANES from Jean Piché on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Check out these amazing audio visual performances with live musicians.
The music in this performance I think is really beautiful. Great work.

Collaborate with Hugues Vincent, Frantz Loriot & ryotaro

at "Velvet Moon vol.38" -music, dance & Performance night!-
October 19, 2011
UrBANGUILD, Kyoto, Japan

Hugues Vincent, Frantz Loriot, ryotaro & AKITO SENGOKU Live at "Velvet Moon vol.38" UrBANGUILD, Kyoto from AKITO SENGOKU on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Electoluminescence by Sharon Phelan

Electroluminesence an audiovisual composition composed by Sharon Phelan in 2009 is a very hypnotic and beautiful audio visual piece with a very stylised colour scheme and motion palette.  Sharon composed the music to the visuals, a kind of deep seeing and hearing.  I saw this again yesterday evening in the ATRL lab, Trinity College, Dublin and it was quite stunning aurally and visually in such a great setting, with high quality projection and audio.

Electroluminescence from Sharon Phelan on Vimeo.

"Audiovisual composition consisting of video feedback.
The music and visuals were informed by each other in an exploration of emergent forms. Slight changes to certain parameters lead to complex results."

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

20 Hz - Semiconductor Video

This piece is quite incredible in the patterns and sense of depth and dimension.  It is really beautiful.  Semiconductors film 200 Nanowebbers was really brilliant too, but this new work form 2011, is equally as good.  Great work semiconductor

20 Hz - A Semiconductor work by Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt.
'05.00 minutes / HD / 2011
HD single channel and HD 3D single channel
A Semiconductor work by Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt.
Audio Data courtesy of CARISMA, operated by the University of Alberta, funded by the Canadian Space Agency.'
"20 Hz observes a geo-magnetic storm occurring in the Earth's upper atmosphere. Working with data collected from the CARISMA radio array and interpreted as audio, we hear tweeting and rumbles caused by incoming solar wind, captured at the frequency of 20 Hertz. Generated directly by the sound, tangible and sculptural forms emerge suggestive of scientific visualisations. As different frequencies interact both visually and aurally, complex patterns emerge to create interference phenomena that probe the limits of our perception,"
Webpage about 20Hz: -

View on Vimeo

20 Hz from Semiconductor on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tony Brooks Towards New Multisensory Spaces and Environments

Four Senses Concert, 2002

This important concert that took place in 2002 in the Dorothy Winstone Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand.  The four senses concert were a collaboration between Raewyn Turner (NZ) and Tony Brooks (UK).

website: link

"The ‘Four Senses’ 1999, 2002 concerts were to engage and reframe perception of music and to play with subjective experiences and simulated synesthesia. Each sensory element was constructed from information relating to the other elements. The associations and correspondences of the elements made by the audience was according to their own individual and personal experiences.
The investigations include perception, misinterpretation, fictional translations and the sensory worlds of the blind/deaf: of hearing, of breathing in, and of visualizing music.

Tony Brooks utilised sensors, software and projectors to create an interactive system capturing movement from the orchestra and translating it into painting with coloured light. In this way the orchestra conductor was able to “paint” the scene through his gestures within an interactive space. Similarly orchestra members, dancers and a special signing choir for the deaf images were blended into the backdrop in real-time such that their velocity of movement affected the color of image generation and collage composition.
Raewyn Turner interpreted the sound to colour and smell using the correspondences that she made between sound/silence and light/dark. The translations involved intuitive drawing, charts, measurements, referral to the seasonal time of harvest of aromatic plants, and an equation which produces a selection of plants from which to choose smell pitch.

The performances were an improvisation and a real - time translation of sound and the gestures of making that sound, into light and colour, and multiple layers of smell. The light collage thus created was a play of interaction between live video feeds and sensors, and coloured light pre-programmed to an interpretation of sound, each affecting the other in a dynamic visual loop. "

Source: Link to more information and where you can download media files


Youtube Excerpt

Friday, October 21, 2011

Silk Chroma - Honouring Prize - Visual Music Award

Silk Chroma a visual music piece that I created in collaboration with the Irish Composer Linda Buckley and closely worked also with Dermot Furlong and Gavin Kearney at the end of 2010 has won an honouring prize at the forthcoming Visual Music Award 2011. I am totally delighted!

Visit website - Visual Music Award 2011

Visual Music Award @ Cocoon Club, Frankfurt Germany
Photographs of the event have been put up by the organisers on their facebook page.
Some photographs of Silk Chroma have been put on this page...what a stunning venue the Cocoon Club.

Visual Music Award Facebook Page -

Silk Chroma can be seen on vimeo

Silk Chroma from Silk Chroma on Vimeo.

Silk Chroma - the silent version is also showing at the Expanded Abstraction Exhibition, LACMA Museum's Stark Bar,  Los Angeles as part of a curated show by the Center for Visual Music, this exhibition will continue until late January 2012
Silk Chroma is also being shown at the forthcoming Seeing Sound Symposium at Bath Spa University, Bath Spa, UK
This weekend (22nd October 2011) Silk Chroma is starting the Sonic Pop Up concert as part of Dublin Contemporary.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FOLDS video installation - Robert Seidal

Robert Seidel
Lindenau Museum, Altenburg / Germany

FOLDS is a 2-channel video installation with projections on 19th century plaster casts of Kladeos, Kephissos,
Belvedere Torso, Seer and the Three Goddesses from the Bernhard August von Lindenau Collection.
It connects to the fragmentary plaster casts, makes them flow with bygone colors, clothes them and wakes
them for a moment then to be stored as into the sediment of oblivion.

Documentation of the installation
Youtube // 
Web //
Catalog //
PR // 


Studio Robert Seidel
Robert Seidel Vimeo Channel

View Folds Documentation on Vimeo

folds | installation documentation | lindenau museum altenburg, germany | robert seidel | 2011 from Robert Seidel on Vimeo.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Yan Breuleux - Experimental Animation Video - Immersion

Yan Breuleux's beautiful works are really worth checking out. Based in Montreal, both teaching in the faculty of Music at the University of Montreal and completing a Phd, he has accumulated a large portfolio of works that are documented clearly on his website.

Yan Breuleux's animations are quite beautiful and some of their presentations and installations are quite breathtaking. He collaborates with musicians and composers and creates pieces for multi-screen, panoramic and hemispheric presentations. He is interested in the influence of architecture in audio visual performance and some of these projects are incredible in their scale and drama. An example project has been documented on flickr.
"En préparation de la diffusion de La Tempête pour écran vertical.
Une Nuit en Galilée
spectacles Samedi 23 Juillet à 20:00"
Flickr link:


Yan Breuleux also collaborates with composer Alain Thibault as the duo PURFORM to create Immersion Video-Music

Vimeo Channel

Example Project highlighted in this blog post

White Box

"A/V performance for a tryptic of HD video screens and quadraphonic audio.
White Box is a work based on a new way of generating A/V compositions in real time and is a new piece in a cycle that began in 2003 with Black Box. This cycle metaphorically transposes, into sound and images, concepts from systems theory related to black, white and grey boxes.
Visuals: Yan Breuleux
Music: Alain Thibault
Captation video: Christian Pomerleau:"


WHITE BOX | PREVIEW from Purform on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jane Cassidy - Square Ball Insallation

Jane Cassidy's new visual music piece - Square Ball is an installation piece and its inaugural presentation took place in Dublin, in August 2011 as part of the Glitch Festival 2011 organised by MART.

This was a really beautiful and clever installation that really is something that needs to be seen and sensed, as an audience member one has to face the projector as the most amazing layers of imagery and patterns unfold with great connections to the music.

Video excerpt online courtesy of Red Rua

Visit Jane's Blog

Friday, July 22, 2011

Christina McPhee - bird of paradise / channel three

Christina McPhee's three channel video triptych, Bird of Paradise (Christina McPhee 2011) is a stunning silent visual music work, with such visual harmony and balance - a very beautiful work.

Bird of Paradise three channels / 10 minutes / HD video /silent / 2011

bird of paradise / channel three from Christina McPhee on Vimeo.

It will premiere in a program curated by the Center for Visual Music at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), in late July. The program will screen at LACMA through January 2012. Location: Stark Bar, central plaza (new design by Renzo Piano), LACMA.

Check out many of Christina's work on her vimeo channel (to date 39 uploaded)

Christina's website:

About Christina
"Christina McPhee’s visual art, media and writings consider site as landscape and language. She develops film and media works that montage remote landscape footage at high – tech energy installations, and in ecosystems where biosphere meets human intervention in ‘kairotic’ spaces. Her drawing practice moves into critical spatial practice in media arts and writing."
Source: http:/

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Expanded Abstraction: CVM Program, Los Angeles

Opening late July,2011, Los Angeles:
Expanded Abstraction:
A special 3-screen program from CVM featuring Scott Draves' Generation 244, plus work by Robert Seidel, Baerbel Neubauer, Christina McPhee, Maura McDonnell and Charles Dockum. Curated by Cindy Keefer. LA County Museum of Art, central plaza, Stark Bar. On view beginning July 28, evenings through January, 2012. Images courtesy Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep. PREVIEW of McPhee's Bird of Paradise video triptych.

(re posted from CVM events page:

OPENING NIGHT - Thursday, July 28

Please join CVM at LACMA at Stark Bar - Thursday, July 28

CVM's new *Expanded Abstraction* 3-screen program begins in LACMA's Stark
Bar (central plaza, next to main entrance) at 8 pm...that's the same night
as Marclay's THE CLOCK 24 hour screening in Bing please join us while taking a break from The CLOCK, as Stark Bar will be open until 2am screening the CVM program. Or come just to see abstract film/digital work curated by CVM.

*Expanded Abstraction* features *Scott Draves*' *Generation 244* (2010),
plus triptych work by *Christina McPhee, Robert Seidel, Baerbel Neubauer,
Maura McDonnell, Charles Dockum* and more. Runs through January 2012,
evenings only.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fast Forward: Conversations with Machines

Fast Forward: Conversations with machines

From camera obscura to cybernetics: filmmaker Joost Rekveld outlines experimental cinema from its hidden past to a distant future.

By Joost Rekveld


Quote from essay
"In this essay I want to develop my thoughts about possible futures for what is now referred to as experimental cinema, inspired by some of the ideas behind expanded cinema. Experimental cinema is a marginal cinema, not in the sense that its purpose is to remain obscure forever, but in the sense that those filmmakers are called experimental who challenge the categories of mainstream cinema. These same artists often cross over from or into other disciplines, so in order not to lose ourselves in speculations concerning the future of everything, we will have to rewind until we find a starting point from which we can can try and extrapolate. "

View online at:

Joost Rekveld website:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011



June 9 - July 20, 2011

OSA Archivum and the authors of GENERATION Z exhibition cordially invite you to the opening which will take place on 9th of June at 6:00 p.m. The exhibition will run at OSA Archivum, Budapest from June 9 till July 20, 2011. 

exhibition details at

Variophone, theremin terpsitone, rhythmicon, emiriton, ekvodin, graphical sound – just to mention a few of the amazing innovations of the beginning of the 20th century in Soviet Russia, a country and time turbulent with revolutions, wars and totalitarian dictatorship.
While the history of Russian post-revolutionary avant-garde art and music is fairly well documented, the inventions and discoveries, names and fates of researchers of sound, creators of musical machines and noise orchestras, founders of new musical technologies have been largely forgotten except, perhaps, Leon Theremin, inventor of the first electronic musical instrument, the theremin.

This community of creators, however, was inherently incompatible with the totalitarian state. By the late 1930s it became effectively written out of histories, wiped out from text books.

Many of their ideas and inventions, considered as utopian at that time, were decades later rein vented abroad. We still use them today not knowing their origin.

This exhibition is an attempt at reconstructing and understanding the Russian artistic utopia.

The exhibition runs from June 9 till July 20.

June 24, 2011, on the Night of Museums, 10:00 p.m.:

Multimedia theremin concert: Najmányi László, visual artist, performer, theremin specialist.

Thanks to CVM for original post:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oskar Fischinger Painting Exhibition - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Oskar Fischinger (1900-1967) Major Painting Exhibition at the Peyton Wright Gallery - Santa Fe, New Mexico
Opening July 2011

Oskar Fischinger - Layers of Sound
Oskar Fischinger's paintings are being exhibited at the art dealers gallery - Peyton Wright Gallery.  These paintings are a real treat to view.  Peyton Wright Gallery have put many of Oskar Fischinger's paintings online, many of these have probably not been seen before, as they have not been put online before.

Some of these paintings have strong musical themes.  There are several that I really like and a beautiful one for me is, Layers of Sound.  However, there are many others and Fischinger's very distinct artistic and aesthetic style is really apparent.  A great treat to be able to view these paintings online via the Peyton Wright Gallery, and if you are lucky enough to be near Sante Fe, a treat to see in reality.

View Paintings online at: 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

'Raumlichtmusik' - Early 20th Century Abstract Cinema Immersive Environments.

"'Raumlichtmusik' - Early 20th Century Abstract Cinema Immersive Environments."
Essay by Cindy Keefer (Director Center for Visual Music)

"Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Creative Data Special Issue. Leonardo: The International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology, and MIT Press. October 2009."

This is an important historical visual music essay on Oskar Fischinger and Jordan Belson's early experiments in creating abstract cinema for immersive projection environments. It traces the origins in their work of what is more common today - the immersive multimedia environment. Information about plans Fischinger had to present a multimedia performance for the Farblichtmusik shows (started by László) has been researched and documented in this essay and is very exciting information to check out for the scholar interested in accurately tracing the origins of visual music and in particular, its links to contemporary multimedia performance. The vortex concerts, are discussed in detail. These concerts are important to check out for both historical visual music but also in relation to tracing the origins of using projected visuals alongside electronic music, which is so common today, in relation to video projection with electroacoustic music. This article traces these connections and provides an introduction to its history. Do go and read.


"Filmmakers Oskar Fischinger and Jordan Belson created cinematic multimedia experiments from 1926 to 1959; three of these events are predecessors to immersive environments: (A) Beginning in 1926, Fischinger's multiple projector shows combining abstract films, colored light projections, and painted slides; (B) Fischinger's 1944 (unrealized) concept for a dome theatre with center film projectors filling the sphere, creating "endless space without perspective" and (c) Belson and Henry Jacobs’ 1950s Vortex Concerts at Morrison Planetarium, utilizing multiple projectors and 38 speakers, with
“no separation of audience and stage or screen; the entire domed area becomes a living theater of sound and light."

Article can be read online at:

Visit CVM Library Page for more resources in relation to visual music.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Andrew Hill - Flux

I have been coming across Andrew Hill's name in relation to visual music quite frequently recently. An up and coming artist and researcher in the audio-visual artwork genre. Flux is quite beautiful in its sound and image relationships - ordered, synaesthetic, gorgeous.

More info on Andrew Hill

"Andrew Hill is a composer from the UK. He studied electroacoustic music and music technology at Keele and De Montfort Universities electing to focus his studies upon audio-visual composition. He is currently conducting PhD research investigating audience reception of electroacoustic audio-visual artworks with Leigh Landy and Bret Battey at De Montfort University."


Flux from Andrew Hill on Vimeo.

"An audiovisual piece inspired by cyclic patterns, exploring sound and image relationships."

See also:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Understanding Visual Music 2011 - Conference - Call for Works

Call for works

Understanding VISUAL Music 2011

Hexagram-Concordia Centre for Research-Creation in Media Arts and Technologies
in collaboration with the Department of Music
Montreal - Canada
August 26th and 27th, 2011
Website for more information:




A two-day conference focused on developing an understanding of the
practice of visual music, its definition, related creative and
perceptual considerations, current trends, technological innovation, and
possible future directions.

The event will take place on *Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th of
August 2011* and will include paper sessions, roundtable discussions,
and creative works presentations.

We are inviting researchers to present studies that address visual
music's multiple definitions and dimensions, questions around visual
music aesthetics and meaning, hierarchy and correlation of sound and
image in this context, and the audience's perception thereof. Artists
are also invited to propose visual music presentations -- both live and
fixed. Attendance is required in both cases.


*Paper presentation*: please use the *online submission engine *at to send: [1] an *abstract* (250 words or
less)**and [2] a *short biography *ready for printing (250 words or
less). Additionally send [3] *a 3-page CV as a PDF file *to .

*Visual music presentation*: please use the *online submission engine
*at to send: [1] the title of your *piece,
duration*, indication whether the presentation will be *live or fixed*,
[2] a *short description* of the proposed piece (250 words or less), [3]
a *short biography *ready for printing (250 words or less), and [4]
*detailed technical needs*. Also include [5] *links to audiovisual
sample material* hosted in a *non-expiring URL* (for this reason, please
do not send your audio-visual material using /yousendit/ or any similar
applications, and do NOT send your audio-visual material by email) and
[6] send a *3-page CV as a PDF file* to


*Paper presentations*: each paper will be presented in person by the
author for approx. 20 minutes followed by 5-10 minutes of discussion.

*Visual music presentations*: creative works presentations will take
place in a visual music show that will conclude the colloquium and
between paper sessions throughout the day.

*Roundtable discussion[s]*: an hour-long open discussion on key issues
related to the main theme of the colloquium.


- *Deadline *for reception of proposals: *June 18th, 2011*

- *Notification* of acceptance: *June 30th, 2011*

- *Confirmation of attendance* by artist/researchers: *July 20th, 2011*

- *Colloquium* UVM2011: *August 26th-27th, 2011*


Ricardo Dal Farra (co-director)

Eldad Tsabary (co-director)

Luigi Allemano (collaborator)



UVM2011 website:

*Understanding**V**I**S**U**AL Music 2011*

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Radio Dada by Rosa Menkman

Rosa Menkman's work is beautiful in how it works with glitch and artifact images in her video work.

"Every technology possess its own inherent accidents. ЯOSΛ MEИKMΛN is a Dutch visualist who focuses on visual artifacts created by accidents in digital media. The visuals she makes are the result of glitches, compressions, feedback and other forms of noise. Although many people perceive these accidents as negative experiences, Rosa emphasizes their positive consequences."
Source of quote:

Radio Dada by Rosa Menkman

Video: Rosa Menkman
Music: Extraboy

Radio Dada from Rosa Menkman on Vimeo.

"The video-images are constructed out of nothing but the image created by feedback (I turned a high-end camera on a screen that was showing, in real time, what I was filming, creating a feedback loop). Then I glitched the video by changing its format and subsequently exporting it into animated gifs. I (minimalistically) edited the video in Quicktime. Then I sent the file to Extraboy, who composed music for the video. The composing process started with a hand held world radio. Extraboy scanned through frequencies and experimented with holding the radio in different parts of the room while touching different objects. Eventually he got the radio to oscillate noise in the tempo that he perceived in the video. The added synthesizer sounds were played live to further build on the non-digital sound and rhythm. This was later contrasted with drums which were digitally synthesized and processed through effects with a very digital sound to them. Just like with the video, the digital and analogue media and aesthetics of sound are mixed into one coherent whole."

Rosa's website is a homage to her aesthetic - wow! (with audio too and flickering favicon)


Thursday, May 12, 2011

CCRMA Stage - Light Dreams: Visual Music by Vibeke Sorensen

Light Dreams: Visual Music by Vibeke Sorensen

Date: Mon, 05/16/2011 - 8:00pm - 9:45pm
Location: CCRMA Stage, The Knoll, Stanford University, USA
Event Type: Concert

"a retrospective of works by the renowned visual music artist and scholar Vibeke Sorensen. The concert will include a world premiere of Green Space, a new work in stereoscopic 3D."

Website with more information:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Call for Works - MuVi3. International exhibition of video and moving image on synesthesia and visual music

"MuVi3. International exhibition of video and moving image on synesthesia
and visual music
Palacio de los Condes de Gabia (Granada, Spain) and Almeria University
16 th -19 th of February 2012

MuVi3, invites artists, musicians, designers and performers, also
professors and university students, to submit proposals of kinetic works to
be part of a public exhibition, with performances and discussions.
The event is organized by the Foundation of Artecittà (Granada), the
Politecnico di Milano, the University of Granada and the University of

Deadline for submissions:
15 July 2011
Fee of submission: Free
For informations:

Download of the Text and Forms of the Call in:
Contact: and

Audiovisuelle Rauminstallation fear:love by Gerrit Kress

This is a very fascinating audio visual work - emulating human emotion - those of love and fear, and how wonderful this piece is. The introduction is like the audiovisual elements breathe together.... a beautiful artwork.

Audiovisuelle Rauminstallation fear:love from Institut Fuer Musik Und Medien on Vimeo.

"fear: love is an audiovisual installation by Gerrit Kress, which deals with the two emotions fear and love. It shows the center of human emotion: an inner core that contains the particular emotion, grown in a system of transmitting and receiving arms that allow communication with the body and mind."[google translate from German]
Source: vimeo link:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CVM Lecture And Screening - At ZKM Germany - May 11, 2011

CVM at Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany May 11.

For more information on this event, visit$7532

Cindy Keefer, Director of the Center for Visual Music Los Angeles, will discuss and screen work by pioneers of kinetic art and pre-digital cinema from CVM's archives... Keefer will screen work from CVM's archives including Dockum's “Mobilcolor Projections,” Bute's “Abstronics” (an early oscilloscope film), a short Bute documentary, the Fischinger “Lumigraph Film,” and more. She will discuss CVM's work with the Fischinger legacy, current preservation work, and “Raumlichtkunst,” the new restoration of his 1920s multiple-projector performances.

Followed by the screening “Films Sacred and Profane” by Jordan Belson

for more information on Center For Visual Music and visual music related events and news

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Binary Opposition - by Edgar Barroso

"Binary Opposition" for Video and Electronics by Edgar Barroso

Edgar Barroso
"Born in Mexico in 1977, Edgar Barroso is a PhD Candidate in Music Composition at Harvard University where he works with Hans Tutschku, Brian Ferneyhough, Helmut Lachenmann, Michael Gandolfi and Chaya Czernowin. "

This is a stunningly beautiful audiovisual work, that seems to reduce both aural and visual material to one thing, which is then used as material to craft a unified work that consists of aural and visual material. What I love about this piece, is its incredible sense of structure and development with visual and aural elements evolving over time into a variety of similar and dissimilar transformations - really engrossing work from start to finish.

View on vimeo

"Binary Opposition" for Video and Electronics by Edgar Barroso from Edgar Barroso on Vimeo.

"Binary opposition is a piece that explores the interaction of stable and unstable materials that interact producing a set of possibilities that goes beyond the limited nature of their own. They are all affected by each other, and are also “invaded” by a disruptive characteristic of the frame space that speeds up the materials, similar to wind that provokes acceleration. Metaphorically: The actual weather of the frame. "


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vessel - Alba G. Corral and Jon Hopkins

Vessel - Alba G. Corral and Jon Hopkins

The visuals in this piece are just beautiful.

Vessel - Jon Hopkins from Alba G. Corral on Vimeo.

Collaboration between Jon Hopkins and Alba G. Corral in L.E.V. 2011

Website: Alba G. Corral

"Alba G. Corral (Madrid, 1977), based in Barcelona, use the code to create visual tools to give life real-time digital abstract landscapes. Develops programming
visual generative art and live performances in the live context cinema.

Combines form and technique, getting narratives that create atmospheres express sensitivity and taste for color. Has come a long way always related to visual manipulations. Improvisation different atmospheres digital sound and language become
abstract organic sensations in their creations take shape Processing carried out with the tool.

Regularly collaborates with musicians of the Barcelona scene as Miguel Marín, Stendhal Syndrome, or Nikka Aneas Iris, co which is the audiovisual project The Space in Between."
Translated with google translate
Original text:

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Visual Music - Supporting Programme

VISUAL MUSIC PROGRAMME at 18th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film

The Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, May 2011 presented a Visual Music supporting programme at the festival.

CVM (Center for Visual Music) presented two historical programs of abstract animated films by Oskar Fischinger, including preserved prints and rarely-screened films.
Title of Program: Oskar Fischinger Retrospective, May 7, 2011

Cornelia and Holger Lund presented contemporary visual music
Title of Programme: Visual Music: Contemporary, May 8, 2011.

A programme was put together on Norman McLaren
Title of Programme: The animator as musician, May 6, 2011


Visit CVM Events page for up to date information on Visual Music Events

Advanced Beauty - 18 Sound Sculptors

Advanced Beauty - 18 Sound Sculptors - 2009
Curated by Universal Everything
Soundtracks by Freefarm

A DVD was created and there are links to purchase the DVD on their website. The website created to support the collection is excellent with links to the artists whose work is documented online, with video clips online on their website and on their vimeo channel, so all can be seen online which is a great resource.

"Advanced Beauty is an ongoing exploration of digital artworks born and influenced by sound, an ever-growing collaboration between programmers, artists, musicians, animators and architects.

The first collection is a series of audio-reactive 'video sound sculptures'. Inspired by synasthesia, the rare, sensory experience of seeing sound or tasting colours, these videos are physical manifestations of sound, sculpted by volume, pitch or structure of the soundtrack.

The films embrace unusual video making processes, the visual programming language Processing, high-end audio analysis and fluid dynamic simulations alongside intuitive responses in traditional cell animation. Each artist was given the same set of parameters to work within; to start, finish and exist within a white space, creating a seamless coherence, all sculptures sharing the same white environment.

Using 1920 HD format, with 5:1 surround sound, the films transform the screen into a digital canvas, how the minimalism of a single, floating pixel can be as engaging as the maximalism of an intense multicoloured explosion.

Curated by Universal Everything and musician Freeform, Advanced Beauty is an international collaboration, taking in a family of artists from London, Russia, New York, Japan, Buenos Aires, Glasgow to San Francisco."


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Clinker - Gary James Joynes - Live Cinema

"GARY JAMES JOYNES is a sound artist, composer and visual artist from Edmonton, Canada...As CLINKER, his work explores meditative spaces and the kinesthetic and synesthetic effects of sound and visuals...Recent work includes "On the Other Side..." a Live Cinema piece commissioned by the 2008 INTERNATIONAL LEONARD COHEN FESTIVAL"

Clinker Live Cinema

Really beautiful work by Clinker in Live Cinema performance. He provides a really useful and interesting definition of Live Cinema on his website's live cinema page.


CLINKER’s Live Cinema creates a live synchresis between audio-visual events which reside in the moment. No computer or MIDI synching is used in the genesis of these events.

All A/V “connections” are live and are made possible organically through the use of live layering / phasing / triggering techniques.

Clinker’s interest is focused on the creation of a truly unique experience for each audience member using the brains natural ability to “connect the dots.”

All vocals and harmonies are performed and layered live in concert.



The term “Live Cinema“ has hitherto been used primarily to describe the live musical accompaniment of silent movies. But that was yesterday. “Live Cinema“ today stands for the simultaneous creation of sound and image in real time by sonic and visual artists who collaborate to elaborate concepts on equal terms. The traditional parameters of narrative cinema are expanded by a much broader conception of cinematographic space, the focus of which is no longer the photographic construction of reality as seen by the camera’s eye, or linear forms of narration. The term “Cinema” is now to be understood as embracing all forms of configuring moving images, beginning with the animation of painted or synthetic images."

VIEW VECTOR RAILS | Temporal Extinction Event 2011 Live AV Performance
Click image or link to view on vimeo



Filter - Issue 66 - Synchresis

Filter Magazine Issue 66 / Synchresis
Australian Sound Artists working at the spontaneous weld between sounds and image.
December 2007.

Monster and Maps by Mitchell Whitelaw

Synchresis DVD

"The Synchresis DVD, curated by Mitchell Whitelaw brought together ten Australian sound artists:
Gordon Monro,
Wade Marynowsky,
Peter Newman,
Jean Poole,
Julian Oliver & Steven Pickles,
Robin Fox,
Andrew Gadow and
Abject Leader.

3000 copies were circulated in Filter Issue 66 nationally and internationally and the DVD was launched at the Chauvel Cinema Sydney with live performances by Robin Fox, Peter Newman and Ian Andrews."

Synchresis DVD vimeo channel

The Synchresis DVD works can be seen on ANAT’s Vimeo Channel.

Example highlighted here: - PRINCIPLE 4 (excerpt) by Botborg

ANAT, Filter Issue 66 Synchresis, 2007 - PRINCIPLE 4 (excerpt) by Botborg from ANAT on Vimeo.

"First published as the ANAT (Australian Network for Art and Technology) Bulletin in July 1988, Filter has been informing and inspiring a global network of artists, designers, curators, researchers, writers, educators and creative and research organisations for over two decades. Each issue thematically investigates an area of emerging practice or art form of the future; exploring the new creativities which are occurring across community, culture and industry."

Event - The New Flesh - May 2011

Event - The New Flesh - May 12, 2011 - Toronto, Canada.
"Experiments in audio video performance exceeding all reason! avant garde video in the omega age"

Thursday May 12, 2011
The Revue Cinema, 400 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6R 2M9. Details and updates available on the facebook event page here.

"The New Flesh
Experiments in audio video performance exceeding all reason! Avant garde video in the omega age.

Featuring Performances by:
Botborg (Germany / Australia)
Nohista (France)
Rybn (France)
Rko (France)
Skeeter (Canada)
Mandelbrut (Canada)
The Nod (Canada)
Tasman Richardson (Canada)"


Schematic as Score by Derek Holzer

Vague Terrain 19: Schematic as Score: Uses and Abuses of the (In)Deterministic Possibilities of Sound Technology.

Interesting article on synthesising images and sound and looking back to electronic video and music pioneers to provide a context for more informed contemporary work that synthesise video and sound.

View article:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Optical Glasses Installation

I have just come across this very interesting audiovisual project installation, based in Russia. The glasres are illuminated to the music. It consists of hardware and software to realise the illumination.

A video clip of the installation is available on youtube or at the website documenting the project
Youtube link:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bart Vegter - Nacht-Licht - 1993

Bart Vegter, Nacht-Licht, Netherlands, 1993, 13 min. 16mm

View Nacht-Licht on the EYE channel at Preview Instant Cinema

"Vegters first film made with the use of handwritten image generating computer programmes. Each of the three parts in the film has its own, formal starting-point. On this formal basis, variations are executed by gradual changes in position, direction, movement, velocity and colour of the elements."

Kurt Laurenz Theinert - Visual Piano

Light Installation Artist - Kurt Laurenz Theinert - Visual Piano

Kurt Laurenz Theinert is a photographer and light artist, who develops, performs and installs incredible light installations.  The following is a summary of his visual piano instrument.

"The visual piano is an instrument which makes it possible to create moving images in a space. It is unique and was conceived and developed by the photographer and light installation artist Kurt Laurenz Theinert in collaboration with the software designers Roland Blach and Philip Rahlenbeck.

Using a MIDI-keyboard it is possible to generate varying graphic patterns which can be digitally projected onto one or more screens. These dynamic and immediate drawings in light are not (as with VJ soft-and Hardware) generated by pre-recorded clips, but every moment of the performance is being played and modulated live and in real time via the keyboard and pedals."

Source from website [Text: Winfried Stürzl]

Visit his website for more information on his work, installations, collaborations and performances.

The visual piano has been used in installations and in audiovisual concerts. 

"Over several years the pianist Martin Stortz and Kurt Laurenz Theinert have been exploring the relationship between pianosounds and graphic patterns generated in realtime by using the visual piano. Sound an image interact in a very sensitiv dialogue - creating an audivisual concert."
source: Link

on the link above, there is a link to a quicktime video clip excerpt


Youtube embed: Light Concert
marienkirche stuttgart, nikola lutz, saxofon, kurt laurenz theinert, visual piano

CVM - Charles Dockum - Mobilcolor

Historical Resource

The Center for Visual Music (CVM) has a really useful research page on the Charles Dockum, the inventor of the mobilcolor projector - a projection device for performing abstract colour imagery.

Visit website:

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Call for Visual Music Works - VISUAL MUSIC AWARD


Call for Entries 2011

"The avant-garde-artists of the “Absolute Film” movement worked on visionary film experiments. They created visual symphonies from animated images which they composed on film according to their perception as artists. These were called “paintings in time”, ”visual music”, “symphonies of light and sound”, “cinematic paintings”, “color light music” or “space light art”.

Target Groups:

The “Visual Music Award 2011” is again an international call for proposals addressing young talents. Invited for participation are young independent creative artists and designers as well as students for example in the disciplines of new media art, experimental film and music video and allied disciplines.

In the year 2011, for the third time, we invite video jockeys (VJs or DJs) and "live-performance" artists to participate with their formats in the catagory "visual music live contest"!"
More information:

An Evening of Visual Music with Dennis Miller

CCRMA - An Evening of Visual Music with Dennis Miller
[CCRMA = Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford University, US]

A concert of visual music works presented by Dennis Miller at Stanford University - 5th May, 2011

An Evening of Visual Music with Dennis Miller
Date: Tue, 05/03/2011 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: CCRMA Stage, The Knoll, Stanford University
Event Type: Concert

"Dennis Miller, a visual music artist and scholar curates an evening of selections from Northeastern’s Visual Music Special Collection.

Come to see works by: Stephanie Maxwell, Vishal Shah/Adam Stansbie, Harvey Goldman/ James Bohn, Jim Ellis/Aksak Maboul, Damir Cucic/Erich Maria Strom, Betsy Kopmar/ The Headroom Project (Andreas Ecker), Bret Battey, Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman & Joseph Gerhardt), Brian Evans, Tina Frank/General Magic, Jean Detheux/Michael Oesterle, Bum Lee/Erik Satie, Karl Lemieux/Olivier Borzei, Gerhard Daurer, Eva M. Toth/Gyorgy Kurtag Sr., Gyorgy Kurtag Jr. and Dennis H. Miller."


CAMP Festival - Festival for Visual Music

CAMP Festival - Festival for Visual Music - June 2011

CAMP 2011 international festival for klangkunst and visual arts

performances june 11 and 12 at 9 pm / pogon, Zagreb
symposium visual music, lectures, rehearsals:
june 6 - 9 at 10am - 10pm, free access
CAMP festival party june 11 starts at midnight

"The CAMP Festival was founded in 1999 by Prof. Fried Dähn and Thomas Maos. Since 2003, it has been organized and run and coordinated by CAMP e.V. (Thomas Maos, Fried Dähn, Stefan Hartmaier, and Martin Mangold) .

The festival in Zagreb is a cooperation between CAMP e.V. Kirchentellinsfurt and KONTEJNER Zagreb, Croatia.

"Developement of new forms of audiovisual art. Research. Cooperation and communication. Intercultural and intermedial exchange between artists."

"The international Festival CAMP (Creative Arts and Music Project) is characteristically marked by experimental and electronic music in convergence with visual disciplines. For several days a selected group of artists, who belong to the international avantgarde in their field, work in a “laboratory of time” on audio – visual projects which will be presented to the public at the final performances."

"It is an innovative platform and interactive research lab for sound artists, musicians, and artists in the areas of video, installation, projection and new media. It focuses on new, experimental music in conjunction with light, projection and media art. In what is effectively a laboratory created for a defined period, artists – all of them recognized members of the international avant garde in their respective fields – collaborate for several days on new forms of audio-visual art, presentation techniques and live performances. The results are showcased to the public in concerts, installations, and performances held alongside the event. Moreover, various topics and aspects are presented and developed in accompanying lectures and workshops."

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pierre Hebert - Fraction Part2 - Improvised image and music

Fraction et Pierre Hébert en concert à la Maison de la culture d'Amiens, 29 janvier 2011, partie-2
Extract of the live performance of Pierre Hebert & Fraction@Amiens, France. 20/01/2011. Image and music are improvised.

Fraction - Part Two

Part One and Three are also online at youtube
Part One -
Part Three -

Live Visual Music Event

USC School of Cinematic Arts Event - Rhythms and Visions: Expanded and Live!

The USC School of Cinematic Arts and Visions and Voices: The USC Arts & Humanities Initiative invite you to experience a live visual music sensation on Friday, April 22nd!

"The School of Cinematic Arts Complex will be taken over and transformed by Rhythms and Visions: Expanded and Live! a spectacular outdoor live-cinema event merging animation and visual media with live acoustic and electronic music.
Exciting and innovative UK audio-visual collective D-Fuse and Los Angeles artist Scott Pagano will perform to music by notable musicians Brian King, Trifonic, Brian LeBarton and MB Gordy. These cutting-edge performances will span animation, experimental documentary and abstract visual music. The School of Cinema Arts complex will come alive with large animation and 3-D stereoscopic projections by faculty and students. 3-D glasses will be provided."

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Georges Schwizgebel - Fugue (1998)

Beautiful use of sound and image and animation and narrative and structure. Had to share it.

"Director: Georges Schwizgebel
Year: 1998
Michèle Bokanowski - Composition
Gerard Frémy - Piano
Olivier Bokanowski - Piano
Virginie Simonean - Harp"

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jane Cassidy - Visual Music Piece

Jane Cassidy's visual music piece "The Night After I Kicked it" is a stunningly beautiful well structured visual music composition. Jane composed the visuals and music.

 Having watched closely as Jane composed this piece, it was really a pleasure to see and hear this wonderful work unfold over a period of months. I love this piece.
It is now on vimeo - but to see it in full quality with surround sound audio is the best way to experience this piece. However for its visual music genius, great to watch on vimeo.

The Night After I Kicked It from Jane Cassidy on Vimeo.