Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vessel - Alba G. Corral and Jon Hopkins

Vessel - Alba G. Corral and Jon Hopkins

The visuals in this piece are just beautiful.

Vessel - Jon Hopkins from Alba G. Corral on Vimeo.

Collaboration between Jon Hopkins and Alba G. Corral in L.E.V. 2011

Website: Alba G. Corral

"Alba G. Corral (Madrid, 1977), based in Barcelona, use the code to create visual tools to give life real-time digital abstract landscapes. Develops programming
visual generative art and live performances in the live context cinema.

Combines form and technique, getting narratives that create atmospheres express sensitivity and taste for color. Has come a long way always related to visual manipulations. Improvisation different atmospheres digital sound and language become
abstract organic sensations in their creations take shape Processing carried out with the tool.

Regularly collaborates with musicians of the Barcelona scene as Miguel MarĂ­n, Stendhal Syndrome, or Nikka Aneas Iris, co which is the audiovisual project The Space in Between."
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