Monday, May 2, 2011

Kurt Laurenz Theinert - Visual Piano

Light Installation Artist - Kurt Laurenz Theinert - Visual Piano

Kurt Laurenz Theinert is a photographer and light artist, who develops, performs and installs incredible light installations.  The following is a summary of his visual piano instrument.

"The visual piano is an instrument which makes it possible to create moving images in a space. It is unique and was conceived and developed by the photographer and light installation artist Kurt Laurenz Theinert in collaboration with the software designers Roland Blach and Philip Rahlenbeck.

Using a MIDI-keyboard it is possible to generate varying graphic patterns which can be digitally projected onto one or more screens. These dynamic and immediate drawings in light are not (as with VJ soft-and Hardware) generated by pre-recorded clips, but every moment of the performance is being played and modulated live and in real time via the keyboard and pedals."

Source from website [Text: Winfried St├╝rzl]

Visit his website for more information on his work, installations, collaborations and performances.

The visual piano has been used in installations and in audiovisual concerts. 

"Over several years the pianist Martin Stortz and Kurt Laurenz Theinert have been exploring the relationship between pianosounds and graphic patterns generated in realtime by using the visual piano. Sound an image interact in a very sensitiv dialogue - creating an audivisual concert."
source: Link

on the link above, there is a link to a quicktime video clip excerpt


Youtube embed: Light Concert
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