Friday, July 22, 2011

Christina McPhee - bird of paradise / channel three

Christina McPhee's three channel video triptych, Bird of Paradise (Christina McPhee 2011) is a stunning silent visual music work, with such visual harmony and balance - a very beautiful work.

Bird of Paradise three channels / 10 minutes / HD video /silent / 2011

bird of paradise / channel three from Christina McPhee on Vimeo.

It will premiere in a program curated by the Center for Visual Music at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), in late July. The program will screen at LACMA through January 2012. Location: Stark Bar, central plaza (new design by Renzo Piano), LACMA.

Check out many of Christina's work on her vimeo channel (to date 39 uploaded)

Christina's website:

About Christina
"Christina McPhee’s visual art, media and writings consider site as landscape and language. She develops film and media works that montage remote landscape footage at high – tech energy installations, and in ecosystems where biosphere meets human intervention in ‘kairotic’ spaces. Her drawing practice moves into critical spatial practice in media arts and writing."
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Expanded Abstraction: CVM Program, Los Angeles

Opening late July,2011, Los Angeles:
Expanded Abstraction:
A special 3-screen program from CVM featuring Scott Draves' Generation 244, plus work by Robert Seidel, Baerbel Neubauer, Christina McPhee, Maura McDonnell and Charles Dockum. Curated by Cindy Keefer. LA County Museum of Art, central plaza, Stark Bar. On view beginning July 28, evenings through January, 2012. Images courtesy Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep. PREVIEW of McPhee's Bird of Paradise video triptych.

(re posted from CVM events page:

OPENING NIGHT - Thursday, July 28

Please join CVM at LACMA at Stark Bar - Thursday, July 28

CVM's new *Expanded Abstraction* 3-screen program begins in LACMA's Stark
Bar (central plaza, next to main entrance) at 8 pm...that's the same night
as Marclay's THE CLOCK 24 hour screening in Bing please join us while taking a break from The CLOCK, as Stark Bar will be open until 2am screening the CVM program. Or come just to see abstract film/digital work curated by CVM.

*Expanded Abstraction* features *Scott Draves*' *Generation 244* (2010),
plus triptych work by *Christina McPhee, Robert Seidel, Baerbel Neubauer,
Maura McDonnell, Charles Dockum* and more. Runs through January 2012,
evenings only.