Friday, September 2, 2011

Yan Breuleux - Experimental Animation Video - Immersion

Yan Breuleux's beautiful works are really worth checking out. Based in Montreal, both teaching in the faculty of Music at the University of Montreal and completing a Phd, he has accumulated a large portfolio of works that are documented clearly on his website.

Yan Breuleux's animations are quite beautiful and some of their presentations and installations are quite breathtaking. He collaborates with musicians and composers and creates pieces for multi-screen, panoramic and hemispheric presentations. He is interested in the influence of architecture in audio visual performance and some of these projects are incredible in their scale and drama. An example project has been documented on flickr.
"En préparation de la diffusion de La Tempête pour écran vertical.
Une Nuit en Galilée
spectacles Samedi 23 Juillet à 20:00"
Flickr link:


Yan Breuleux also collaborates with composer Alain Thibault as the duo PURFORM to create Immersion Video-Music

Vimeo Channel

Example Project highlighted in this blog post

White Box

"A/V performance for a tryptic of HD video screens and quadraphonic audio.
White Box is a work based on a new way of generating A/V compositions in real time and is a new piece in a cycle that began in 2003 with Black Box. This cycle metaphorically transposes, into sound and images, concepts from systems theory related to black, white and grey boxes.
Visuals: Yan Breuleux
Music: Alain Thibault
Captation video: Christian Pomerleau:"


WHITE BOX | PREVIEW from Purform on Vimeo.

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