Friday, July 22, 2011

Christina McPhee - bird of paradise / channel three

Christina McPhee's three channel video triptych, Bird of Paradise (Christina McPhee 2011) is a stunning silent visual music work, with such visual harmony and balance - a very beautiful work.

Bird of Paradise three channels / 10 minutes / HD video /silent / 2011

bird of paradise / channel three from Christina McPhee on Vimeo.

It will premiere in a program curated by the Center for Visual Music at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), in late July. The program will screen at LACMA through January 2012. Location: Stark Bar, central plaza (new design by Renzo Piano), LACMA.

Check out many of Christina's work on her vimeo channel (to date 39 uploaded)

Christina's website:

About Christina
"Christina McPhee’s visual art, media and writings consider site as landscape and language. She develops film and media works that montage remote landscape footage at high – tech energy installations, and in ecosystems where biosphere meets human intervention in ‘kairotic’ spaces. Her drawing practice moves into critical spatial practice in media arts and writing."
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